Looking for an escape from your usual hectic routine? The Al-Khazneh, tucked carefully amidst the vibrant, rock-strewn cliffs of Petra may be just the thing you need. This enchanting treasury is carved entirely from a sandstone cliff. A visit here definitely promises loads of fun and adventure.

The credit for designing this beautiful and mystifying treasury goes to the ancient Hellenistic architects of the first century BCE. Legend has it that pirates hid their plunder in the Khazneh, hoarding it with precious jewels. Bedouins frequently fired bullets at the central primeval giant urn in the hope of releasing concealed treasure. The ancient bullet holes sprayed across the walls of the second level are still visible. Kids can even go treasure hunting and embark on a quest to discover hidden fortune at Al-Khazneh.

The architecture of Petra’s treasury is a fine reflection of Roman, Greek, Nabatean and Egyptian elements. If you love history, exploring the treasury is definitely an exciting adventure. The treasury’s facade has two levels. Each level is elaborately decorated with columns, elegant rooftops and ancient sculptures. Don't miss the eagle (a deity) which sits carefully perched atop the facade. It also has a magnificent doorway through which you enter a mystic inner chamber.

With a vast array of mythological figures ingrained in the solid sandstone of the treasury, the Khazneh stands like a beacon of exquisite sights reflecting mythical stories of old. If you’re looking for awe-inspiring sights coupled with a dash of adventure, then pack your bags and head to Al-Khazneh!

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